Lost Ark Guide: What is Lily mean and how to complete the quest in Bern-Sud?

What does the lily mean that we help you understand. After reaching level 50 in The Lost Ark, one of your main activities will be to search for Masterpieces. These objects can be obtained throughout Arkesia to receive various Lost Ark rewards useful for your progress. One of these Masterpieces can be obtained from Candaria Territory to Bern South and is one of the rewards for the quest Una's Task An Unfinished Journey. But for this, he makes you first complete the quest.

What are the requirements for the quest? What does the lily mean?

To access the quest, What does the lily mean? You must first unlock access to the mainland Bern-South. This assumes you have an item level of at least 1340 and have completed the main storyline of all previous mandatory regions:

  • Retramis
  • Judas
  • Lutheran (western and eastern)
  • Tortoyk
  • Anich
  • Astelin
  • Roundel
  • Jorn
  • Fayton
  • Punkah

How to complete the quest What does the lily mean?

The first stages of the quest are not very difficult. It starts from Katherine east of Kandar Territory towards Bern-South. Then you have to interact with various other NPCs in the area and then collect Magic Golem Fragments on nearby golems. Nothing too complicated.

The mystery for many players is what happens next. First, you are asked to find a "beautiful fish to please Lily". To get it, take the Triport des South Ruined Ruins and head noticeably north of it, at the level of a small pool near the waterfall. There you will be able to find a fishing spot, which will allow you to catch the "beautiful fish" that Lily claims.

The sequel also caused severe problems for many players. After interacting with different NPCs, you are asked to "Find the statue left by Halger". Pick up a tripod from Bourg du Bocage, east of the district. On the rock directly to your right, you will see the statue you are looking for!

The continuation is quite simple and only requires you to interact with NPCs you have already met in advance or visit places that are very well marked on the map of the area. The lily means a quest that will disappoint many players due to its significant redundancy and length: talk to so-and-so, speak to another, then speak to something... After all, it's exhausting!

Once this never-ending quest is completed, you will finally have access to the Una quest you are probably longing for: The Unfinished Journey! This will allow you to complete it several times naturally to get Masterpiece #50 needed for optimal progression!

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What are the rewards for the Journey Incomplete quest?

You will have to complete the Unfinished Journey 15 times to access the top rewards offered by this Una quest.

1080x Expedition experience

10x reputation points

900x Providence Stone

Level Rewards - Reputation 1

76,000x Money

Level Rewards - Reputation 2

127,000x Money

5x Chest of random items

Offensive combat

Level Rewards - Reputation 3

191,000x Money

1x Masterpiece #50


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