Madden 21: The best method for making millions of coins and training

How are you guys, so we have a coin making method today, and then we will introduce this coin making method. what I want to say is, if you like my video, I really appreciate your submarine me I think the distance um 4.1k is about 10 or 8 subs, and you know that we are grinding at 10k, so like I said if you like my video, I really appreciate that you will sub and another thing, and then we start the discussion. Video Well, I won't make this video a target in a way that you might go crazy. It's really not important to me. You want to propose this method here now, so I have someone in my discord. Another thing is to join my discord, if you haven't, we all came up with these coins making methods, or we will find someone likes that we always have the best coin method in er discord, so why Where am I now? 

Five million mils are added to Discord, then enter the method there, you will find it there, but I have a cool guy Discord hit me, his name is Atw Hiroshima, he said My name is dm, okay, so he finally told me that there is such a method, I don't know if you have heard of it or if you have tried it, but basically what he wants to do is, what he said is basically a slum player, And I'm not going to do this now, because I'm sitting within five million miles, I will live broadcast after this video, what you see is the 17-minute package to refresh, I'm going to open the package in the stream tomorrow. Package opening video, um, I have a past name team update video, which will also come sometime this week, so yes, please make sure to write down these notes, but yes, you won't spend any on this method Coins, but I can guarantee that it will work properly because I have seen a few people do this, so I definitely want to try it, basically, what you want to do is open up an opportunity for players to pay these, so you can take some gold from here, but it's really not like uh, let me push my microphone back, it's pretty oud, but basically, you just want to open a player, and no matter what you leave here, like As I said, this is the percentage of gold medals you can get here.

Although it is quite attractive, you don't need gold coins, or you do need gold coins, but you know that it can be used like silver coins. Basically, he said Go to the exchange here to buy and exchange for 66 69s. I mean you don't know much about low silver coins. You can get 66,369. I don't know if you can pull them. What do they call team affinity? What are these things, I'm not sure if you can increase the strength of the team's standing up, but if you can, it can even be more glitches, but you just want to continue doing all these exchange operations, but once you are right here Use it carefully, let's see if I can do this, I think I actually have some remaining cards, so you know I can't do that. So, let's just open your package and it's OK to Exchange some real shortcuts. It was an elite that could have been captured, but basically, the 75 to 79 teams lost about 10k sales, 83s lost 82s sales, or 80s did not have about 40k or even 86 sales, so you definitely want to do these Replace, and then I will introduce you to the team we also hope to set up, but let's take a look at the strengths here. 

Unfortunately, Robert Woods hopes that he can get a card as soon as possible because he just wants to be sitting on mine On the binder, um, I know he does have the right to flashback but add these cards to the boom of the swap set, but I don't know if this microphone is going crazy now, which annoys me a bit, But I don't want to move it closer to my mouth, because I have realized in the video that my microphone is always very low. It sounds like I'm speaking a mile away. How to solve this problem, but Okay, we swapped all the cards you are going to now is the team of this week, I usually in the second week I don't know what it is, I literally pack the calories, I think I actually have one Screenshot, let me check it's okay here, so this is the actual screenshot, which is interesting, I pulled 78 and 82, then 82, then 82, then 86, then 78.

I knocked out the tonic. It was about 300k to 200k. I also have another way for you, which is to use slum gold coins. I was watching the explosion with the method of the god of gold coins, and then we finally held on, we finally pulled the team here, if you ask me, this is a very sexy butt animation, but I will be within a second Enter the method, and we will continue to study this stupid man. You know, tell everyone, but you add all these cards, you can hope that we get 80 here, and anything from the 80s will cost 78, which happens to be all that this car has left in my binder Stuff, so the price is 10k so it's not bad, you can still make a profit in the end, but not as much as you get 40k cards after the fact that I know, but we will show another method again, just for Show you guys, what's going on now, the second method I provide you is very risky, so if you guys don't like adventure, you can click on the video now, I don't want to waste anyone's time, But as you can see from getting the gold medal, I'm pulling it, it's not like a stupid donkey method, not just to open the slum gold coins, you know that selling cards is also related to the team for a week, because The one-week team is really good at making coins, so all you have to do is what I do. 

I don't plan to do it now because I am saving all my coins and I plan to open a bunch of packages on my stream, so All I have to do is just open a bunch of these to get the gold medal, and then whenever I get a very, very good pool, I will stop opening it, and then leave a lot of ghouls, or you can get very good immediately The rally is then cashed out there, but what I like to do is once I get a very good pulse to stop, then add all my high-priced gold to the second set, add them here from high to 75 To 79 gold, and then add 80 to 75 to 79 gold to the bottom, and then add them to the second week of the team, if you get 82 you will make 40k 86 equal to 40k, and you also know 7879 10k, So I mean it's very risky, but ii can tell you right away because I can show you um here, where is what I see is 5 mil, right here, in all these screenshots, you can Seeing that my coins are going up every time, this is a fast selling place, and I ended up pulling this guy, I think it's 150k, so I made 300k, so I'm like wow, I don't even Knowing that there is about 500k slum gold, and I ended up earning 300k, I did get some lucky pulls, but like I said, you usually pull until you get something really lucky, and I don't blow into the microphone, so I want to end this video here because I am very angry with my microphone, but if this video can really help you, I really like some favorite topics.


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