Comprehensive Analysis of Reserve in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is usually a game whose ultimate purpose is survival. Players need to play PMC or Scav, look for gear around the map and knockdown enemies to plunder their components, and attain any evacuation point ahead on the countdown ends. Straight away following the game countdown ends, all players within the evacuation point are winners, and players who're nonetheless alive but fail to attain the evacuation point are also judged dead.

Escape from Tarkov is not going to be particularly friendly to new players since this game is also genuine and no signs will seem inside the game, so which tends to make it difficult for many new players to possess started. Escape from tarkov has published 8 maps so far, namely Factory map, Shoreline map, Customs map, Woods map, Interchange map, Quests map, The Lab map, and Reserve map. So let's check out Reserve map Detailed guide, I hope that the guide is generally beneficial to players, if there is certainly anything incorrect, you could possibly leave a message, then commence.

This game is a good challenge for each new and veteran FPS players. Just about the most well-known in the eight maps now out there is Reserve. The Reserve is supposed to become a base for the Federal State Reserve Agency and is littered with helpful supplies. Naturally, the Reserve can also be littered with Scavs. This guide will cover all of the most basic aspects from the Reserve, like extraction points, bosses, and also a standard layout.

The Reserve is, in eyes of pretty a lot of Tarkov players, the most competitive and profitable map in the game. Because of this, the competitors through Raids are usually fierce, squad vs squad firefights are extremely typical, and having shot is almost a given. In addition, the abundance of easily accessible Weapon and Military-grade item spawns makes Reserve among the list of best maps to play on as a Player Scav.

  1. Hidden Stashes
  2. Keys
  3. Extract/Exit Points
  4. Scav Boss
  5. Loot Spots

Reserve Hidden Stashes

People often mention finding hidden stashes/caches on Reserve. However, these aren't lootable in comparison to ones on other maps like Customs or Shoreline. It's possible the developer will add them at a later time. In the meantime, there is a little hiding spot beneath a shack that people like to farm. Through the video guide below, I believe you will understand Hidden Stashes on Reserve.

Reserve Keys

Reserve has 29 keys. A number of these keys don't possess a function however but really should be usable in future updates. A number of those keys have no spawn points outdoors on the Jackets and being identified on Scav NPCs.

This key unlocks the military base on Reserve. It can only be located in Jackets as well as on Scavs. This place has uncommon loose loot, and also a couple of weapons spawn.

This key is only discovered in Jackets and on Scavs. It unlocks a room in the barracks in the northwest corner on the Reserve. This barracks is the place of this maps marked circle spawn, which can spawn just about any eft items inside the game, which includes many of the rarer keys in Tarkov.

This key unlocks a further door within the very same barracks because of the RB-VO key within the northwest region on the map. This space has a number of weapon racks that will spawn a range of Russian weapons and a few loose loots, mainly weapon mods. This key might be discovered on Shoreline in the bunker for the north of the resort. The key will spawn on a bed.

This key can only be identified in Jackets and on Scavs. It unlocks an area on the third floor of the east barracks on Reserve.

This key unlocks a grated door in the basement with the black pawn developing. This area has three weapon racks and a few loose weapon mods and ammo. The key is often located on Reserve within a sleeping bag on the reduced roof with the train station.

This key unlocks an area on the second floor on the Black Bishop apartment construction adjacent towards the Black Pawn and across from White Pawn close to the grounded helicopter. The room is around the west side just off a staircase. The key could be discovered on a filing cabinet inside the guard shack around the path towards the climate station. It might also be received from a Therapist at level three in return for six purified water and five water filters.

This key opens a door inside the Black Bishop apartment building adjacent to the grounded helicopter. The area is around the west side on the first floor. The key may be located in Reserve's underground location, which is largely unexplored at this time.

This key opens a door inside the basement from the Airspace Manage Center or King creating. It might be located on a shelf in on the list of cabinets in the Generic storefront on Interchange.

This key doesn't at the moment unlock something. This may adjust in later updates. The key can be identified in Shturman's crate at the same time because of the usual Jackets and Scavs. It may also be found on Customs inside the Shipping yard. In the container building, it is going to be on a desk with a bunch of papers.

This key does not at present unlock something, but this may perhaps adjust inside a future update. This key can spawn within the warehouse around the southeastern side on the lumbermill on Woods. It may spawn in a blue locker next to some boxes.

This key unlocks a door inside the White Knight western repair building around the west finish on the map. It may only be found in Jackets and on Scavs.

This key unlocks a door on the Black Knight western repair building. It can be found on Interchange within a drawer inside the power station bathroom.

This key doesn't have any known spawn points apart from Jackets and Scavs. It unlocks an area on the second floor in the White Knight western repair point creating.

This key has no recognized spawn point in-game aside from Jackets and Scavs. This key unlocks the caged-off storage location in the underground storage bunkers around the northwestern area on the map against the northern border.

This key unlocks a further storage region inside the underground bunkers on the northwestern area of your map. This caged-off region is in the southeastern location of those bunkers.

This key doesn't have any known spawn places outside of Jackets and Scavs. This key's use has, however, to become found or has not been added towards the game yet.

This key opens a door around the fourth floor of the White Pawn southern barracks. Space has three weapon racks that can spawn various AK series weapons and loose ammo and weapon mods. This key has spawn points on Reserve, Interchange, and Shoreline. On Reserve, it is within the tunnels inside a shower space inside a key box around the wall subsequent towards the door. On Shoreline, it is actually at the bottom with the silo for the radar station. On Interchange, it really is around the shelf of a small desk inside the corner on the Adik storefront.

This key opens a door around the second floor of the east finish from the White Pawn southern barracks construction. This key is usually discovered on Woods and Reserve. On Reserve, it might spawn inside a locker inside the northern barracks close to the radar station tunnel. On Woods, it can be discovered on a table by a tank close to the RUAF roadblock.

This key unlocks a space on the north finish with the Black Pawn barracks around the second floor. This key may be found on Customs and Interchange. On Customs, it can be on the front passenger seat from the Humvee closest to the major bridge. On Interchange, this key is dropped by Killa.

This key unlocks a door around the second floor from the radar station. It is actually the very first door on the left whenever you are walking down the second-floor hallway. This key can only be discovered in Jackets and on Scavs.

This key can only be located in Jackets and Scavs. It unlocks the southernmost developing on Reserve near the radio tower.

This key can only be found in Jackets and on Scavs. This key unlocks a location around the basement level of the White King airspace control center.

This key is identified in Jackets, Scavs, and Shturman's stash. It opens an area around the second floor with the White Bishop constructing south of the airspace manage center.

This key is only identified in Jackets and on Scavs. It opens a region on the second floor of White Bishop south of the airspace control center.

This key can only be identified in Jackets, on Scavs, and in Shturmans stash. It opens the northeastern caged off storage region inside the underground bunkers. You can find doors on either end in the caged room.

This key is only discovered in Jackets and on Scavs. It opens the southwestern caged storage area in the underground bunkers.

This key is only identified in Jackets and on Scavs. It opens regions within the warehouse in the repair point developing on the southwest finish of the map.

This key is found in Jackets, on Scavs, and in Shturman's stash. It unlocks the final door at the end of the hallway around the second floor of your radar station around the southern point with the map.

This key is identified on Jackets and on Scavs only. It unlocks an area around the third floor in the White King airspace control center.

Reserve Extract Points

Armored Train
Calls for: Practically nothing. Single-use. It only arrives among 25-35 minutes into the raid. Not usually accessible.
Offered to both PMCs and Scavs, the Armored Train Reserve extraction point is amongst the stranger solution to become added towards the game so far. This extraction point arrives within the center from the map at roughly half an hour into the raid and only sticks around for 7 minutes. It'll honk one minute before departure, then emit two honks because it shuts up shop and leaves, starting the countdown of a few seconds. Anybody inside the train at that time will likely be able to obtain out, pal or foe. It makes loads of noise, but what a cool way to leave, eh?

Bunker Hermetic Door
Calls for: Lever in marked shack should be activated within four minutes.
Yet another extraction point for each PMCs and Scavs, the Bunker Hermetic Door asks you to unlock it just before you leave. You will have to take a look at the Lever Shack marked by an asterisk and white diamond around the map above (southwest on the helicopter) so that you can open the route up. Pull it and also you have four minutes to reach the extraction point ahead of the lever resets. The Bunker you have to enter may be the east finish with the west set of bunker entrances. The last within the 1st bunker door hallways. Look for the door using the light more than it.

Cliff Descent
Demands: Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, no equipped armor vest.
A PMC-only extraction point, the Cliff Descent works in a related technique to the one of a kind Woods map Cliff Descent/Mountain Stash extraction point. To exit here you must have the Paracord and Red Rebel (RR) Ice Choose on you. The extraction point is up by the radio tower in the north, behind the key developing as well as the metal stairway you use to stroll up to it. Dump any armored vest you are wearing and walkup for the fenced corner with a lone tree in it to begin extraction.

Scav Lands
Requirements: Should have friendly PMC and Scav present.
Do not let the name mislead you, the Scav Lands extraction point is offered to each PMCs and Scavs. The key is that you'll have to have each a Scav as well as a PMC there as a way to get started it. Either team up with a friend or make an unlikely alliance during the match (should you dare) to attempt and extract right here. It’s positioned within a compact alcove with a pile of sandbags and an armored automobile towards the southwest with the compound.

Sewer Manhole
Requirements: Need to not have a backpack equipped.
An additional PMC and Scav extraction, Sewer Manhole is likely a last-choice extraction point. It is obtainable throughout the match, but to get out you'll have no backpack equipped. Taking into consideration that very limited the amount of loot you will have the ability to take out, we don't advise extracting here unless you've got no other option or are playing having a Scav who's nicked a high-quality gun. The Manhole cover is sitting between a truck and a separated trailer portion in the corner of your fenced area marked on the map. It is the corner closest to the radar station. Stroll over to it and you will start a speedy extraction.

Additional Scav extracts
  • CP Fence
  • Depot Hermetic Door
  • Hole In The Fence By The Mountains
  • The Heating Pipe

Reserve Scav Boss

The boss for Reserve is Gluhar. Gluhar and his followers roam between the Service location, the pawn area, plus the trainyards. His roaming behavior could make these places especially unsafe as he can effortlessly catch players by surprise when he's transitioning in-between areas. Gluhar and his minions are extremely aggressive and most effectively avoided by new players. He is much more correct than other NPCs in Reserve and had higher chest well being, creating him a little of a harm sponge. Fighting Gluhar out within the open is very harmful and not advisable.

Though Gluhar likes to roam, he tends to stick about some rather precise regions at each and every location he visits. In the maintenance and repair point, he likes to hang out inside the garage. He likes to roam the classrooms in the academic location. He tends to stick to the platforms within the shipping station.

Gluhar is typically accompanied by six followers that happen to be a lot more correct than other NPCs. The followers carry several different weapons, generating them nicely equipped to deal with most circumstances. They can carry assault rifles, shotguns, designated marksman rifles, and submachine guns along with sidearms. They tend to use tracer ammunition and have high-grade armor and helmets. Sometimes guards weapons will use drum magazines.

Gluhar carries some really serious firepower. He normally carries an ASH-12 or an M1A-EBR using a 6x scope. The M1A uses M61 rounds, meaning it will make quick operate of most armor pretty simply. He also makes use of a PP19 Zenit or an APS/B as his secondary weapon.

The two ideal approaches to manage Gluhar and his minions are to either take the major man out first, then cope with the oncoming and now furious guards or to choose off the guards from a distance before dealing with the now even angrier Gluhar suitable.

If possible, ambush Gluhar in an enclosed region like a hallway or small space. As soon as there, get in close and light him up. Gluhar has high chest overall health, so the most effective practice is always to use headshots. Apart from his firearms, Gluhar likes to work with grenades. Players will need to have to remain conscious of their spacing and cover when Gluhar begins lobbing his grenades.

A very problematic component of killing Gluhar will be the guards. Gluhar has six followers that could make very good use of group tactics. If they see a player, they'll try and encircle Gluhar to defend him then overwhelm the player with force. If Gluhar is already dead, the entire group will start off tracking any players within the location. They make ample use of team flanking maneuvers and operate in small teams to support a single another. These techniques are created a lot more dangerous by their boosted accuracy. In addition, they make use of grenades and flashbangs, so groups will want to help keep their spacing in thoughts or come to be easy targets for the guards.

Like Gluhar, the most beneficial way to manage the minions is to get in close to take them out. The guards tend to have heavier physique armor than Gluhar, but a couple of well-placed headshots will make brief work of them. These NPCs can mount many of the static machine gun emplacements scattered around the map, realizing exactly where these are and maintaining them in mind will let players intercept guards just before they mount a machine gun.

Reserve Loot Spots


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